Company Profile:

Founded in 1998 at Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City and now headquartered in Greenwich, CT with operations in the Greater Montreal area, ICX Radar Systems’ (formerly Amphitech) product offering is the result of years of intensive R&D— radar systems using millimeter wave.

Vision, passion, and motivation define the ICX Radar Systems (formerly Amphitech) spirit, adding to the company’s natural leadership and extensive know-how in systems engineering and software development.

ICX Radar Systems (formerly Amphitech) develops MMW radar systems for airborne, shipborne and ground surveillance applications, and is currently a qualified supplier to the US Navy.

Our mission is to provide innovative radar system solutions utilizing our Millimeter-wave and software expertise.

Quality Policy:

ICX Radar Systems (formerly Amphitech) is greatly committed to expending all efforts to concurrently meet the requirements of its customers, employees and shareholders by encouraging its employees to demonstrate their involvement in its continuous quality and security improvement approach.

To be successful, it must:

design and offer products and services to meet specific customer requirements, including the Transport Canada Civil Airworthiness (TCCA) Regulations and Requirements for manufacturing approval;
carry out all jobs in a manner that is secure and respectful of the laws and policies pertaining to public safety and of all business partners involved;
continuously improve the high quality standards of its products and services;
encourage its personnel to continuously improve its knowledge;
ensure that the work environment contributes to and allows for employee satisfaction;
evaluate constantly the quality of products and services from its suppliers.

In addition, by offering the required support to achieve continuous improvement projects focused on value-added processes, ICX Radar Systems (formerly Amphitech). demonstrates its determination to be part of its customers’ success.

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